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Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear reader.
As I have been out most of the week I decided to change the strategy for this week and take some long(er) term position. I am sorry that it didn't work out as yet.
Next week I ll do some intraday trades in order to average us up a bit. I still expect the GBP to tank and hopefully this will happen next week. The FX market is being heavily manipulated lately by a few big players or CB's or other supranational institutions. Usually economical releases that come out are reasonably good or in line with (positive) expectations. Not only in the USA but every country on the globe. All you hear is "moderately" positive. Also speeches of world/economical leaders always come out with "feel good" messages. The authoroties do everything to protect the stockmarkets this way. As a consequence markets buy just everything against USD as clearly the risk takers are out. From Euro's to Gold and from Oil to Eurobonds. It's obvious how the US buro of statistics is deceiving or lying. Homesales are still dropping (but show better due to foreclosures) and people are still losing their jobs at rapid pace. Still Personal Income increased today! The most surprising is that they get away with it and the global markets eats it like sweets. This will not last long I think and major reversals are due very soon! Have a nice week-end

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