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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sold 2 lots cable at 1,6470
I' ll stop us out again when 15900 is breached. Try hard
to average up our bad positions, but isn't easy, the gbpyen bulls don't want to surrender.......

stay in usd/yen stop 96,70
sold 2 gbp/yen again at 158,46
Bought back gbp/yen 2 lots in the dip at 158,28
In cable still open 3 lots at 1,6390
Also square 1 lot gbp/usd which we sold yesterday at 1,6565 at 1,6445
Ok squared cable at 1,6440
stop losses:

cable 2 lots at 1,6490
usd/yen 1 lot at 96,50
gbp/yen 2 lots at 158,90
A buch of bad figures.....just what we needed
In 8 minutes Chicago pmi plus 15 min later Consumer Confidence are due for release. Keep your fingers on the buy button if they are "positive" or better said: positively manipulated.
sell usd/yen at 96,46 stop at 96,66 1 lot
be ready to sell gbp/yen again

sold at 15933 2 lots
ok gbp/yen stopped out......while cable collapsing...weird moves!
stop cable to 16550 level now
sell cable again 2 lots at 16637 stop 16665
sell gbpyen again 2 lots 15895 stop 15930
I ll have to go out for an hour or so.....
Doesn't seem to want at the moment. Cable stopped out at 16619 gbp/yen stopped out at 158,59
Truly bad figures out of UK GBP not moving much anymore. I ll keep stops very close.....so still watching
I ll keep close stops for todays new positions
sell cable 2 lots at 16723

sell gbp/yen 2 lots at 16023

Monday, June 29, 2009

overall positions now:

short gbp/yen 6 lots at 156,40
short gbp/usd 4 lots at 1,6434

sold one more gbp/yen at 158,01
sell gbp/usd at 1,6565

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear reader.
As I have been out most of the week I decided to change the strategy for this week and take some long(er) term position. I am sorry that it didn't work out as yet.
Next week I ll do some intraday trades in order to average us up a bit. I still expect the GBP to tank and hopefully this will happen next week. The FX market is being heavily manipulated lately by a few big players or CB's or other supranational institutions. Usually economical releases that come out are reasonably good or in line with (positive) expectations. Not only in the USA but every country on the globe. All you hear is "moderately" positive. Also speeches of world/economical leaders always come out with "feel good" messages. The authoroties do everything to protect the stockmarkets this way. As a consequence markets buy just everything against USD as clearly the risk takers are out. From Euro's to Gold and from Oil to Eurobonds. It's obvious how the US buro of statistics is deceiving or lying. Homesales are still dropping (but show better due to foreclosures) and people are still losing their jobs at rapid pace. Still Personal Income increased today! The most surprising is that they get away with it and the global markets eats it like sweets. This will not last long I think and major reversals are due very soon! Have a nice week-end

sell gbp/usd at 16525

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sold another lot of gbp/usd at 1,6355
sold gbp/usd at 1,6290
Hi there, we are about to see our b/e level which is now 156,08 for 5 lots. I want to hold this position for the 15000/14800 area.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sell one more lot at 157,75

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sell one more lot at 155,86

total position 4 lots at 155,66
sell another lot at 155,50 gbp/yen
sell gbp/yen at 154,96

total position 2 lots at 155,65
square cable at 1,6274
for get the last post's orders. gbp/yen sl now at break even or 156,25 cable stop loss at 1,6360 total risk: 25 points loss
seesm like ther ewont be any retrace for the moment
sell other 50% at 16308 and 15600

average now gbp/yen at 15635 and gbp/usd 16325
we kep the old selling levels in at 15700 and 16380

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ok we did not see the upside target as previously expected. gbp/usd and gbp/yen might retrace a bit overnite or early morning session. so for now
we sell gbp/yen 50% at 156,70 and sell 50% at 157,00
we sell gbp/usd 50% at 1,6343 and sell 50% at 1,6380

emergency stops at 157,50 and 1,6345
stopped out at break even 16420......
stop loss at break even
bought cable again at 1,6420 stop 16380
stopped out at 16440 against all expectations
might re enter,stand by.....
bought gbp/usd at 1,6485 stop at 1,6440

Friday, June 19, 2009

all square now and made 500 points this week. it wasn't easy! Have a nice w/e. Results are updated now.
sold gbp/yen at 15893
wow, look at cable, the move I have waited for all day to 16520....Unfortunately usd/yen drops almost simultaneously with the cable rise.....so it doesnt help us much in the remaning gbp/yen position (yet)
sold cable at 1,6455
I didn't place specific stops yet but ill watch closely as I feel a final upmove is still in the works.......
buy gbp/yen at 15895
gbp/yen stopped out at 15900 stand buy to re enter
cable stopped out at 16435 and re taken at 16430
still in gbp/yen
still in gbp/yen and stop los cable to break even now.....
clearly I had my stops too close..
bought back both at 15935 and 16435

stops now a bit further 15900 and 16400
ok both stpped out with a tiny loss..we ll wait till later and perhaps do another entry. Target gbp/yen is still 160,00 and cable 165,20.....
stops 16415 and 15930
buy both back at 1,6425 and 159,40
square gbp/usd at 1,6406
square gbp/yen at 15926
buy gbp/yen at 15905
square gbp/yen at 158,94
stand by for new entry
stop gbp/yen to 158,10
overnight positions:

gbp/yen at 157,45 stop 157,20
gbp/usd at 1,6305 stop 16292

Thursday, June 18, 2009

cable stopped out and re entered same price
stops 15770 and 16340
buy gbp/yen at 157,43
squared at 157,65 and long cable at 1,6305
stopped out at 157,90 and short again..sorry late post
stopped out and long at same price. important res. level was broken here
sold gbp/yen at 157,71 stop 158,20
hang in there gbp/yen....stopped out.........what a nasty day
stop gbp/yen to 157,25
sell gbp/yen at 157,40 stop at 65
square gbp/yen at 157,18
sell gbp/yen 157,00 stop 157,40
stopped out cable at par
took profit gbp/yen at 155,98
stops to break even for both
sold gbp/yen at 156,40 stop at 60!!
sell gbp/usd at 1,6301
I can't believe this............
gbp/yen stopped out 156,18
gbp/usd at 162,79
I am off for an hour..keep stops tight
sold gbp/yen at 155,95
stopped out at 155,72 gbp/yen
wow, just stepped away for 15 minutes and we dropped 50 points and now back up..unbelievable!
sell gbp/yen at 1,5551
sell gbp/usd at 162,58

squared at 155,44 and 1,6241

be ready to sell at higher levels
stops to 155,60 and 1,6260
stops at break even
short gbp/usd 1,6302
short gbp/yen 1,5603
sorry for forgetting to publish the stops which were
156,60 and 1,6350....very bad say sofar.......
buy other cable at 1,6382
buy other gbp/yen at 157,00
back into gbp/yen at 157,55
bought cable at 1,6427
stand by to re enter
sold gbp/usd 1,6450
sold gbp/yen 157,82
stops to break even please
Took loss at 157,40 damn market
buy cable at 1,6415
buy gbp/yen at 157,40
sell gbp/yen at 15702 stop 157,50
square gbp/yen at 157,15
square and short gbp/yen at 157,00 sl 157,50
buy gbp/yen at 157,10 stop at 156,58

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

close gbp/usd at 1,6401
close gbp/yen at 157,07
raise stops to 156,75 and 1,6375
stops at break even.....
buy gbp/yen at 156,30
buy cable at 1,6330
gbp/yen stopped out at b/e and cable stopped out at 1,6310
stops to break even
short gbp/yen at 156,20 stop at 156,50
sold cable at 1,6280 stop 1,6310
and gbp/yen stopped out at 156,50
my mistake square and long gbp/yen at 1,5671
short gbp/yen at 156,64
squared gbp/yen at 1,5666
stopped out at 156,30 and re entered at 156,15
buy gbp/yen at 156,50 sl 156,30
square cable. Lets wait and see a bit here. Sorry I just came in at 10.00 CET and missed most of the early morning action ughhhh
stopped out at 97 and short at 95
stop at 1,6297
buy gbp/usd at 1,6340
squared at 1,6404
buy gbp/usd at 1,6368 stop at b/e

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

stopped out at 16447
stop loss cable now at 1,6447
square gbp/yen at 158,86
buy cable at 16400
buy gbp/yen at 15870

stops 50 points
cable stopped out at 16400 and yen at 15890
buy gbp/yen at 159,22
buy gbp/usd at 1,6428
be prepared for new entries................
square all positions for the moment...no follow thru
and too late to short...should have sold in the spike but unfortunately HAD to walk out 15 min.......
giving it a 2nd look I see that cable actually was stopped out. I stayed in though. For the ones that took profit pls do re enter here at 71
Back again. Positions still stand and I ll watch it from here again
trail stops 50 points now

buy cable at 1,6435
buy gbp/yen at 159,09
Ok, we will look for new (lower) entry levels on gbp/yen and gbp/usd...stand by
square 159,30
square 1,6455
buy back gbp/usd and gbp/yen at 158,30 and 1,6415
stand by for further action....
sold gbp/yen at 158,35 for 115 points profit
squared cable at 1,6410 for 83 points profit
raise all stops with 50 points
stop losses at break even now
gbp/yen long 157,20
cable long at 1,6327
took profit on both at 30 ftr 30 points profit
gbp/yen stopped out at 157,00 and long
cable stopped out at 1,6300 and long
sold gbp/yen at 156,90

Monday, June 15, 2009

sold cable at 1,6297
and stopped out at 1,6320
stopped out at 1,6360 and re entered at 1,6340
stop at break even.....
bought gbp/usd at 1,6360
stopped out......
square and short gbp/usd at 1,6330 stop at 1,6355
we will have this main support level at 20/30 level closely. Break would bring us 100 points lower and we shud turn positions. For the moment is holding and waiting for London to open in 20 minutes
gbp/usd bought at 1,6330
Let's wait for some clearer direction here......am still bullish for gbp and think we should see the 1,6660 again. Let's buy dips

stopped out at 1,6325
bought gbp/usd at 1,6365 stop at 25

Friday, June 12, 2009

ok am going to square for the week and do the math for this week's results. Please check the p&l account in 15 minutes. Exit price 1,6500. Was a tough week! Enjoy your w/e and see you Monday
bought another cable at 1,6498
bought gbp/usd at 1,6381
stopped out at 1,6420
bought another cable at 1,6430
bought cable at 1,6473
Just woke up..all gbp/usd spped out at 1,6530
still in cable
square aud/usd at 0,8135 for 27 points profit
sold aud/usd at 0,8162 stop at 0,8175
buy another lot of cable at 1,6563 stop loss 1,6530 mental stop

Thursday, June 11, 2009

we will take profit at 1,6650 if we get there, which is only 10 points below the previous high on June 2nd.
If it does break we will re establish positions.
buy back 1 lot at 1,6484
square gbp/usd 1 lot at 1,6501 for 206 points profit
stop loss now for 2 lots gbp/usd at 1,6445
bought gbp/usd at 1,6394

stop at 1,6345

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

stop loss now to break even
bought gbp/usd at 1,6295 stop at 75
sopped out with 38 points loss all square now
long one lot at 1,6338 stop 1,6300
buy another lot on break of 1,6350
sqaured at 1,6340 for 40 points profit
stand by for new trades.....
bought cable again 2 lots at 1,6300 stop 1,6300 now
phew just stepped away a minute
all stopped out at 1,6333 for 33 x 2 =66 points loss, what a market.....
position now cable long 2 lots at 1,6366
we should go back to the old high and further, nonetheless be flexible and always ready to short
buy another gbp/usd at 1,6340
squared eur/gbp again at 0,8560. apparently a correction isn't due as yet......
stopped out at 75 for 30 points profit
buy cable at 1,6392
stop gbp/usd to 1,6375 now, briefly hit but still in.....
just bought some eur/gbp at 0,8560 sl at 85,35
sold cable at 164,05 stop at break even now
square gbp/usd at 1,6418
square gbp/yen at 160,78
stops at break even
buy gbp/yen at 160,21 stop loss 159,90
buy cable at 1,6345 stop loss 1,6320
cable squared at 1,6423 tp looking for new buy levels
overnight order executed. Bought gbp/usd 8 contracts at 1,6297 . We are long gbp/usd now!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

position now gbp/usd short at 1,6170 leverage 1:12
or 4 lots
sold cable at 1,6275
gbp/yen squared at 158,50
gbp/usd short at 1,6194
gbp/yen short at 158,40
gbp/usd short 1,6158
gbp/yen stopped out at 158,55
gbp/usd stopped out at 1,6155
sell gbp/usd at 1,6140
sell gbp/yen at 158,35

hold tight stops!
closed gbp/yen at 157,14 for 78 points profit

Monday, June 8, 2009

sold gbp/usd again at 160,52
sold gbp/yen again at 157,91...last try.....
just made an error in cable....covered at par again
bought cable at 1,6055
gbp/usd stopped out at 1,6002 for......24 points loss
gbp/yen stopped out at 1,5772 for.......27 points loss

just sold gbp/usd at 159,78
gbp/yen sold again at 157,45
gbp/yen alreay stopped out at 15726 for 34 points loss.
an impossible day again it seems.....

An interesting article I just found

The Biggest Victim of the Debt Crisis
by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

Just as we've been warning, the United States Treasury is the next and largest victim of this great debt crisis.

Right now, the Treasury's finances are collapsing ... its bond prices plunging ... its interest rates surging.

Indeed, the Treasury's financial crisis looms so large, it could wreck more havoc on the economy and deliver more pain to average Americans than the subprime mortgage disaster, the housing bust, the banking crisis, and the collapse of General Motors put together ...

It could create a rising tide of interest rates that wipes out the effects of any stimulus, undermines any recovery, and sabotages any new bailouts ...

But unlike GM, Fannie Mae, Citigroup, AIG, and the many others that the U.S. Treasury has bailed out in recent months, there is no institution on the planet big or rich enough to bail out the U.S. Treasury itself.

Further, unlike all prior episodes in this great debt crisis, the Treasury's financial troubles cannot be covered up, papered over, or kicked down the road like an empty tin can.

Already, Treasury bond prices are crashing, and doing so with greater speed that at any time in history.

Already, interest rates, which automatically go up when bond prices fall, are surging, with the rate on 10-year U.S. Treasuries nearly DOUBLING in a half year — the most dramatic surge during any recession since the founding of the Republic.

And already, the interest rates on 30-year fixed mortgages, auto loans, commercial loans, and other debt are going through the roof.

This Is a Game Changer!

If you're not paying attention to this new phase of the debt crisis, you're making a grave error. And if you're not taking swift action to protect yourself, you're taking your financial life in your hands.

In this issue, I'll show why it's going to get worse, why the Federal Reserve is powerless to stop it, how it will impact each major sector of the economy, and what you must do immediately to protect yourself and your family from the inevitable fallout.

Why This Is Just the Beginning of the Treasury's Crisis.
Why It's Going to Get a Heck of a Lot Worse This Year.
And Why It Could Continue for Years Beyond 2009.

It's widely known that America's federal deficit is out of control.

But so many dire deficit warnings have been issued so often, they now fall mostly on deaf ears. Wall Street pundits roll their eyes. Washington politicians laugh at those who would cry "wolf."

What they don't realize is that this time, due to a series of devastating facts they've chosen to ignore, the day of reckoning is here:

Fact #1. Sheer size. According to the government's official estimate, the federal deficit for fiscal year 2009 will be $1.84 trillion, or 13.4 percent of GDP!*

It is the worst deficit in U.S. history.

It means the deficit has now exploded to a level which is so far beyond the range of anything we've experienced before, it's impossible to imagine any scenario in which it does not have a devastating impact.

Fact #2. The actual deficit could be much larger. The administration's $1.84 trillion deficit forecast presupposes a dramatic turnaround in the economy, which, by definition, is virtually impossible with the government running trillion-dollar deficits!

How can the administration possibly predict an economic turnaround when its own Treasury Department is sucking nearly $2 trillion in funds out of credit markets — the same credit markets that derailed the economy late last year?

Similarly, how can the government predict a turnaround when its own borrowing frenzy is already driving up mortgage rates and undermining real estate, the one sector that's most responsible for the economy's decline in the first place?

Fact #3. No end in sight. Since the United States declared its independence nearly 233 years ago, the only time the federal deficit approached or exceeded 10 percent of GDP was during major wars — the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. But in each case, the deficit financing began promptly — and ended promptly — with the war.

Unfortunately, that's not the case this time. Although the U.S. is fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, their cost represents only a small fraction of the budget shortfall. Even if the Iraqi and Afghan wars could be ended tomorrow, America's great budget crisis would still be just beginning.

Fact #4. Today's deficits are far worse than those of the Great Depression. America's first big, multi-year peacetime deficits came in the 1930s. Tax revenues plunged with the sinking economy. And in the years that ensued, government expenditures — mostly for a series of programs to bail out the economy — went through the roof.

But even with a 90 percent collapse in the stock market in 1929-32 and even after three years of double-digit GDP declines that make today's look mild by comparison, the federal deficit in 1933 was just 3.27 percent of GDP, less than one-fourth of what's projected for this year.

And subsequently, even when the U.S. government embarked on the most ambitious stimulus and bailout programs of its 150-year history, the biggest single deficit — in 1936 — was 4.76 percent of GDP, only about one-third the size of today's.

Fact #5. Structural deficits. Our nation's second encounter with giant peacetime deficits was in the 1980s, but with a big difference: This time, there was no Great Depression. This time, the government's fiscal woes were mostly structural — deeply ingrained in the bloated size of government and in our society's dependence on government for much of its sustenance.

And even then, the federal deficit never rose to more than 5.63 percent of GDP, less than HALF its size today.

The big difference today: Our current structural deficits are far larger than in the 1980s because the government is now liable for $65 trillion in future payments for Social Security, Medicare, government pension benefits, and other obligations that are now kicking in at a quickening pace.

Fact #6. Massive new commitments. Beyond the $1.84 trillion of red ink projected for 2009 and beyond the trillions more in future obligations, the U.S. government has just assumed responsibility for nearly $14 trillion in new loans, commitments, and guarantees to bail out brokers, banks, insurers, auto makers, and the broader economy.

If just one of these suffers greater-than-expected losses, we could see wave after wave of new demands on the government to honor its guarantees, bloating the deficit far further.

Why the Federal Reserve Can't
Stop Treasury Bonds from Falling

I can assure you, it's not for lack of trying.

In a massive attempt to boost Treasury bond prices launched March 25, the Fed has now bought $145.5 billion in Treasury notes and bonds, the most ever in such a short period of time. But despite all the Fed's buying, T-bond prices have continued to plunge and interest rates have continued to surge.

Plus, in an even larger effort to support mortgage prices — and to suppress mortgage rates — the Fed has poured a whopping $507 billion into direct purchases of mortgage-backed securities (MBSs). But again, even after spending more than a half trillion dollars to bid them up, mortgage prices have still collapsed and rates have still surged.

In sum, the U.S. Federal Reserve has failed to stop this new phase of the crisis, and one of the key reasons is obvious:

To buy bonds, the Fed must print money. But the more it prints, the more it fans inflation fears and the more it chases away bond investors, who realize they'll be paid back in cheaper dollars.

Some pundits seem to think the Fed can simply print all the money it wants to finance the massive deficits. But in the real world, it doesn't work that way.

The reason: As I explained last week, the government has not one, but TWO debt problems simultaneously:

A. The NEW debt problem: Massive Treasury borrowings of close to $2 trillion just to fill the gaping holes in the current federal budget.

B. The OLD debt problem: $14.5 trillion in Treasury securities, government agency securities, and MBSs outstanding.

The problem: If just 10 percent of those are dumped on the market, it would trigger the sale of $1.45 trillion worth, easily overwhelming the Fed's purchases.

The dilemma: The main reasons investors sell — fear of inflation and damage to the U.S. government's credit — are, themselves, fueled by the Fed's money printing and bond buying.

End result: The more the Fed buys bonds, the more it risks triggering massive investor selling.

So if you're counting on the Federal Reserve to bail out the U.S. Treasury Department, forget it.

In the government's grand balance sheet, printing money does nothing more than shift debts from one government account to another. It does not create wealth. It certainly does not stop bond prices from plunging and interest rates from surging.

Far-Reaching Consequences

Never underestimate the impact of surging rates — especially with near double-digit official unemployment and the worst debt crisis since the Great Depression.

Rising rates in this environment will be pure poison for:

The nation's insurance companies loaded with long-term corporate and government bonds.

The nation's banks counting on low interest rates to raise funds for close to nothing.

Utilities that must continually borrow huge amounts of long-term money to finance their massive investments in power plants and facilities.

Home prices that can only fall when available credit in the nation is hogged by Uncle Sam's massive borrowing and when mortgage rates rise.

You! Stocks, long-term bonds, and virtually all types of real estate properties are extremely vulnerable to surging interest rates.

Draw your conclusions! www.completetraders.blogspot.com
sold gbp/yen at 156,92 stop at 157,50
eur/gbp was stopped out with 25 points loss
I closed gbp/yen position at about break even.
we are almost back at break even in gbp/yen. will keep very close stop loss although would expect it a lot lower this morning due to political situation in UK.
buy eur/gbp at 0,8745 sl at 0,8720

Friday, June 5, 2009

we will keep the gbp/yen position over the w/e.
usd/yen (that caused the last upmove) looks heavily overbought currently and is due lower on the Sunday night open. Next week I will concentrate more on cable as gbp/yen starts to be come to much "flipping a coin"
Have a good w/e.
average position now: 3 lots at 156,25
sell one more lot at 157,40
leverage now 1:9
another 50% sold in gbp/yen at 156,30
position now: 2 lots at 155,68
sell another 50% at 156,30 if we do get there....
sell 50% gbp/yen at 155,83
again it seems a strong bottom is formed in the hourly gbp/yen on the 155 95/25 level in a lackluster market.
it seems we all wait for the NFP at 14.30....
for the moment lets stay in this position but always be flexible and ready to shift.... Am sure the NPF will "look good"
square short eur/gbp 0,8842
square long gbp/yen 155,30
short gbp/yen 155,30
let's buy some gbp/yen here at 155,20 with tight stop loss at 155,85. If stop is hit sell short again
ok square gbp/yen at 155,21 for now. Very near term picture bit unclear. If the figs are coocked up, am sure they will, we will sell into the rally. In the meantime stay put!
sell eur/gbp at 0,8852 stop at 0,8878
lets place stop now at former heavy support, res. now 155,60
good morning still short at 158,03
Gbp/yen on it's way to 154,00 let's watch the figs out at 10.30 but don't think they will be able to reverse bearish sentiment.
place emergency stop loss at 157,35 just in case......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

back again.
After intial stop at 157,75 I managed selling again at 158,03 hopefully you followed my recommendation and sold (even at better levels) as well. Key support now 155,60, which was briefly penetrated but came back up rapidly back above it. Lot of rumours Gordon Brown going to resign after which gbp is seen much lower....I think the results of EP elections will be crucial to this, labour will lose and GB will resign...
Let's keep the same strategy, sell rallies
a quick note. ALtho we got stopped out above 157,75 I hope you kept selling into the rally. Since the very high volatility it seems impossible to place a reasonable stop loss, as you will be done 90% of times. I will be back to base in the early evening. Stay short !!
just a quick note. If you missed the earlier entry, I think here is still good entry. Keep stops roughly 75/100 pints away and trail as such. I am still on trip
will try to be back for a post during afternoon. Sell rallies is the strategy. Do not exclude 150,00 once 154,00 gives way. good luck
found computer access. Sell gbp/yen at 157,00 stop 157,80

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

unfortunately I am a few days away on trip. It is harsh
to see that this current move down in gbp/yen is exactly what I looked for all day yesterday.........
see you soon

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

cable stopped out for 20 points profit and gbp/yen for 15 points
stops now at 1,6550 and 158,75
sell gbp/usd at 1,6570 sl 1,6605
am about to give up. last trade square abd short gbp/yen at 15890 20 points loss stop at 15920
This market really is one hell of a mess last week and so far, this week. Better times will come.
long gbp/yen at 10 which was also the sl for a 60 points loss
place stop gbp/yen a touch higher, as we are approaching high of the week......might reverse position if breaks for 160,00
sell gbp/yen at 158,50 stop 159,00
square gbp/usd at 165,10 for 55 points profit
gbp/yen stopped out at 157,75 20 points profit
buy cable at 1,6455 stop at 1,6420
square gbp/yen 157,75 sl
sell gbp/yen at 157,95
all square at 157,80
I stayed in gbp/yen o nite. Let's see what happens today.
stop loss gbp/yen at 158,75 2 lots (break even)

Monday, June 1, 2009

sell gbp/yen again at 158,65
sold gbp/yen again at 158,30
stops hit for 50 points and 25 points loss
sell gbp/yen at 157,80 sl 158,30
lower stop loss in cable a bit too 1,6435
stopped out at 156,15 pffffff
sell gbp/yen at 155,60 sl 156,15
shorted gbp/usd at 1,6405 sl 1,6455
square gbp/yen at 155,45
sell gbp/yen at 155,45 sl at 155,80
gbp/yen stopped out for 28 points loss
sell gbp/yen at 154,92 stop at 155,20
eur/usd and cable stopped out at 1,4275 and 1,6260
for 43 resp 45 point loss
sell cable at 1,6215 sl 1,6250