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Sunday, May 31, 2009

sell eur/usd at 1,4132 stop loss 1,4175

Friday, May 29, 2009

square gbp/usd at 1,6128 for 52 points profit
stop loss to par
sell gbp/usd at 1,6180 stop 1,6210
cable stopped out at 1,6160 for 75 points loss and
gbp/yen stopped out at 154,40 for 40 points loss
sell gbp/yen at 154,00 sl 154,40
buy gbp/yen at 153,48 for 157 point profit
sell cable again at 1,6085 stop loss 1,6150
cable stopped out with a 70 points loss
stay in cable for the moment stop at 16090
was away for a while and stayed in gbp/usd and gbp/yen
sell gbp/yen at 155,05 stop at 155,60
gbp/yen stopped out at 155,10 for a 55 point loss
gbp/yen stopped out at 154,85 but stay in there stop now 155,10
sell cable again at 160,20 stop 1,6070
cable stopped out at 16025, poor timing of entry!
sell cable at 1,5985 stop loss at 1,6025

Thursday, May 28, 2009

open position short gbp/yen at 154,55 stop at 154,85
if stop hit go long for further move up......keep stops tight though. cu tomorrow
close usd/yen at 96,84 for 18 points loss
i entirely forgot to mention the usd/yen l/t position was stopped out at 95,35. my apologies for this ignorance
short gbp/yen at 154,55 stop at 155,25
square gbp/yen at 154,57 for 53 points profit
square at 154,04 for 68 points and go long gbp/yen
stop loss 155,00
short gbp/yen again at 154,72
stop los gbp/yen at 154,65
if gbp/yen goes higher we will just sell some more. we should be very near a turnaround at these levels
sell gbp/yen at 154,62
sell usd/yen at 96,76 stop loss at 97,25
bought gbp/yen at 1,5410
oops both executed for 30 points loss.
we will wait for other opportunity
limit order: sell gbp/yen at 153,50 sl 153,80

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

squared gbp/yen at 152,95 for 80 points profit
stop gbp/yen at 15175
buy gbp/yen at 152,15
stopped out with 60 points profit
adjust stop to 152,40
stop loss gbp/yen to 152,10
stop loss gbp/yen at 151,80 (b/e)
bought gbp/yen at 151,80
since 151,50 res. broken this cross could see 153,50 before going down. keep stop below 151,50
while important resistance at 151,50 broker we will most likely see 152/153 area before going down....
gbp/yen stopped out at 151,65 for 107 points loss

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sold gbp/yen 50% at 151,25
average position: 2 lots short at 150,58
for good orders sake we now have a 150% position in gbp/yen at 150,35 on average
if gbp/yen climbs further sell another 50% at 151,25
If that is done we will be short 2 lots at 150,58
Hold stop loss firm above strong resistance at 151,65
cancel ths stops and sell another 50% to gbp/yen position at 150.77
try to stay in gbp/yen...expect huge drop.
stay in gbp/yen put stops 150,55
stop loss gbp/yen 150,35 .....sorry readers but looking for direction. am looking for a big drop this week. question is: from where exactly (or more or less)
remember we are still short usd/yen at 94,75 from last week m/t position
sold gbp/yen at 150,15
square gbp/yen at par
gbp/yen stops to break even please
good morning. buy gbp/yen at 150,53 sl at 150,10
am looking for 100 points up move from where to sell short

Friday, May 22, 2009

usd/yen revalued at 94,75 for a 40 points loss.
stop loss at 9535
this week was terrible for trading. won't take new positions today and stay short usd/yen. Made new lower close on the daily chart. hopefully today we can clear the 9385/90 level for test 93,50. target still 90,00 at least

Thursday, May 21, 2009

usd/yen short revalued at 94,35 for 30 points profit
re usd/yen. due to absence I couldn't post earlier but as this is m/t position I stayed in usd/yen. still looking for much lower areas
gbp/usd stopped out at 30 for 10 points loss
stop loss cable 1,5730
sell gbp/usd 1,5720 stop 1,5760
stopped out with 60 points loss
sell cable at 1,5610 stop loss
long cable at 1,5670
buy cable at 1,5650 for 90 points profit
cable stopped out at 1,5750 for 55 points loss and short at 157,40
long cable at 1,5805 sl 1,5750
short usd/yen at 94,65 stop at 95,15/25 area. this is a m/t position. Am looking it to go to the 90.00 area (probably next week)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and stopped out with 20 points loss
shorted cable as it seems gbp/yen doesn't take much part in the joy, usd/yen much lower and eur/gbp isn't going any lower either. There fore some weakness in gbp/usd shouldnt be excluded
sell cable 1,5615 sl 1,5635 risky trade
am sorry guys, been waiting for this upmove a very long time.........gave up to early I guess
stopped out for a 50 pips loss.........
sell cable at 15500 fpr 30 points profit
and go short cable here too! sl 15550
have to step away for a bit. trail your stops in cable.
stop cable at break even now......
stop loss cable now to 1,5450
buy cable 1,5470 sl 1,5420

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cable stopped out at 15511 for 61 points loss. a bad day today!
stay in cable till it really breaks 1,5510 it's strong resistance level
cable stop loss at 15510. over the figures however stop out manually as the brokers might do you anyways, dealt or not....cable very overbought and some retrace is due.
short cable at 1,5450
and stopped out with 35 points loss! Can't firght this. I stay on the sidelines for the moment.....
gbp/yen now in very overbought condition and should make retrace. UK cpi and rps expected at 10.30 am(CET)
sell gbp/yen at 14900 sl 14935
stoppped out at 148,25 gbp/yen for 36 points loss
sell gbp/yen 50% at 147,82
sell gbp/yen 50% position at 147,91 sl at 14825

Monday, May 18, 2009

I stay out gbp/yen for the moment. Am clearly at the wrong end of the market this afternoon. Better to wait for better signal about further direction..
square gbp/yen at 147,28
sell gbp/yen at 146,92
gbp/yen square at b/e
stop loss to 146,75 now
sell gbp/yen at 146,75 stop loss 147,05
stopped out at 146,50 gbp/yen for 55 points loss

stand by for re selling
Back again!
sell gbp/yen at 145,95 limit sl 14650
done already!! short at 145,95

Ok unfortunately I have to go now to take care of some red tape shit. I'll be back as soon as possible. If it comes down from here take profit at your own discretion. I think we will go all the way back below 14500. we will see how this pans out!
close the 50% gbp/yen position at 55 for 30 points loss(x50%) 15 loss
square eur/gbp at 88,42 for 36 gbp points profit
gbp/yen short now at 145,25 for 50% only
gbp/yen take profit, sold at 145,29 for 144 points profit

short gbp/yen 50%

stop gbp/yen 144,50 now
stop eur/gbp now to break even
stop gbp/yen to 144,25 now
buy gbp/yen at 143,85 stop at 143,75
sell eur/gbp at 88,78 stop at 89,00
good morning. no trades for the moment. am looking for gbp/yen going to much lower levels this week like test 13900. am looking to sell rallies 14450/14500 ideally.
I will be back before London open.

Friday, May 15, 2009

all square now at 144,18 for 102 points profit
have a good w/e see and you Monday
stop loss gbp/yen to 144,50 now
buy gbp/yen at 144,78 1 lot for 102 points profit
the balance sl at 145,00
stop to 145,00 in gbp/yen
stop loss gbp/yen now at 145,85 (2 lots)
just sold other lot at 145,80
145,50 should be toppish in gbp/yen. for the ones that sold at 145,00 I suggest to sell a bit more at current levels. Stop at 145,75 at the moment (mental)
Back! sell usd/yen at 95,44 for 46 points profit
gbp/yen sold at 145,20
have to go for 30 minutes sell at 145,00 and square usd/yen at same time
we seem to be making a typical run up to the figures. if any spike to 14480/14520 area sell. at same time take profit on usd/yen
buy usd/yen at 94,98 sl 94,60 forget gbp/yen for the moment
if gbp/yen touches bottom (14335/40) i suggest buy some with 20 point stop. it is getting pretty oversold here at the moment. selling interest still around 144,25
am looking to sell again at the 144,20/25 level
Am looking to sell again on slightly higher levels!
profit taken at 143,80 You might wonder as to how as it never has been showed as an offer: I use a very good ECN broker. The low quoted was 77/82 whereas i sticked in an 80 bid which was filled!
broken! next target 143,80 take profit
There is some good hourly support ard the 144,25 level, might consider taking more profit there, although I think it will be broken later in the day.
buy back one lot at 144,52 for 148 points profit stop loss for the balance at 145,00
stop loss now to 145,25
stop loss gbp/yen to 145,50
stop loss gbp/yen to 146,00
have revalued both positions at 146,00 for a 58 points loss in total. Friday we start with 2 positions gbp/yen short at 146,00 stop at 14675

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sell gbp/yen one more lot at 146, 02 so now 2 lots in total at average price 145,71 stop overnight 146,50
I have to leave again for an hour (unfortunately that was also the case during the dip to 143,50) pls keep emergency stop at 14610. The upmoves are of corrective nature. I still expect the low 140's to be seen soon, perhaps next week early. This is a m/t trade now.
stopped out in yen at 14520 100 points loss
and re entered at 14540 dont step in the bear traps!
stopped out in yen at 14520 100 points loss
stand by to re enter
stay in gbp/yen!!
stopped out in eur/usd for at 1,3610 50 points loss
now we have 2 gbp/yen positions at 144,69 average.
stop loss 145,20
sell some more gbp/yen at 144,88
sell eur/usd at 135,59 stop 136,10
sell gbp/yen at 144,50 leaving the stop open at the moment, remembering the damage it did to our last trade of yesterday. this move down I was chasing at for the whole of yesterday afternoon! after the (poorly) placed stop at 14600 you all know what happened!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

all stopped out with 80 points loss. Although still positive it was a horrible day....cu tomorrow
sell gbp/yen again at 14580
sell gbp/yen at 145,40 stop 14600 stop.... last trade of today....
stopped out for 65 points profit at 145,25 look for re entry

stop to 14525
stop to 145,50
back again. order to sell at 145,85 done, stop 14625
am looking to sell 145,85 gbp/yen
stopped out again in gbp/yen for 30 points loss........
stoploss in gbp/yen now at 145,55
sell gbp/yen at 145,30 and short! 13 points loss
short at 145,25 (risky trade!)

buy gbp/yen 145,43 sl 145,15
strong support gbp/yen in 14635/40 area. i look to sell rallies again for other test, likely in the course of the afternoon. break suggests further down move to 145,50 area
close gbp/yen at 14644 for 121 points profit
short gbp/yen at 14765 stop 148,15
stop loss gbp/yen 14750 for 50 points loss
stopped out at 14700 for 65 points profit and short again at same price
stop loss to 147,00 now
stop loss gbp/yen at 147,50
sell gbp/yen at 147,65

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and for the ones that took the risk another 31 points loss
stop now at 147,05 looking for test at 14650, if broken 146,00
stopped out now at 14674 for 36 points loss
and short at same price
not stopped out yet!
keep your stop at 14675 and short gbp/yen there (a risky trade!)
gbp/yen long again at 147,10
gbp/yen square at break even......
stop loss to break even now 147,10
buy gbp/yen at 147,10 stop at 14670
Gbp/yen take profit 147,70 for 160 points profit
Stop gbp/yen at 147,90
stop at 148,25 now
stop loss gbp/yen to 149,00 now
sell gbp/yen at 149,30 sl 149,60
close gbp/yen at 149,15 for 25 points loss
sell gbp/yen at 148,90 sl 149,50
gbp/yen stopped out at 147,80 break even
stop loss gbp/yen now to 147,80 for overnight

Monday, May 11, 2009

sell gbp/yen 147,82 stop loss 148,20
stopped out at 147,25 for a 85 point profit
stop loss gbp/yen to 147,25 now
stop loss gbp/yen to b/e at 148,10
sell gbp/yen at 148,10 sl at 148,60
stopped out at 14940 for 70 points loss
buy gbp/yen at 150,10 stop loss 14940
buy eur/usd at 1,3643 for a 12 points loss
sell eur/usd at 1,3631 sl 1,3670
buy back gbp/yen at 14948 for a 82 points profit
gbp/yen sl now to break even. Forget the buy signal at the moment and trail your stops downward
sell gbp/yen at 150,30 stop loss 150,75
Look to square and go long around 14940/60 area if
we get there in the far east.

Friday, May 8, 2009

unfortunately gbp/yen stopped out at 14945 for 30 points loss. This was it for the week, Hope to see you next Monday again. Thank you
buy gbp/yen at 14975 sl 149,40
squared gbp/yen at 150,00 for 94 points profit
in 45 minutes nfp are due. you might consider taking profit for 50% or the whole lot, depending your risk profile. I think the figs will be coocked and willl stay long with entire position. keep tight sl anyway at 149,25
stop loss gbp/yen to 149,10 now
position gbp/yen now long at 149,06 average price
stop loss 148,60 for the moment
buy gbp/yen 50% at 14887
buy gtbp/yen 50% position at 14925
we will buy more at lower levels

gbp/yen closed at 14900 for 65 points profit

Thursday, May 7, 2009

stop loss gbp/yen to 14900
stop loss gbp/yen to break even 148,75
buy gbp/yen at 148,35 sl 14790 for the moment
gbp/yen stopped at 70 for 78 points loss

eur/gbp stopped out at 20 for 7 points profit
lower stop loss gbp/yen a tad to 14865/70 area 75/85 seems good support sofar
stop gbp/yen at 148,75 and adjust stop eur/gbp to 89,20

stop loss eur/gbp at 89,35 now gbp/yen still open
sell eur/gbp at 89,27 stop loss at 89,50
buy gbp/yen at 149,48
gbp/yen stopped out!! all square for the moment
stop gbp/yen to 149,60 b/e now
square eur/usd at 13360 for 51 points profit
stop loss gbp/yen at 149,30 now
stop loss eur/usd at 1,3330
buy eur/usd at 13310
gbp/yen stopped out at 14990 for 30 points loss
re enter 14960
stop loss gbp/yen at 14990 watch out for the BOE at 11.00 gmt
gbp/yen stopped out at 20 for 28 points loss gbp/yen long at 20 now
square eur/usd at 1,3302 for 28 points profit
sell gbp/yen at 149,92 stop 15020
buy eur/usd a 1,3274 stop loss at 13240

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sold gbp/yen at 148,79 for 39 points profit
buy gbp/yen at 148,40
sell gbp/yen at 148,11 for a 62 point profit
buy gbp/yen at 147,49
stopped out at 148,50 in gbp/yen for 65 points loss

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

order: buy gbp/yen at 14915 if done sl at 14850
gbp/yen sell order filled at 14975 for 161 points profit
stop loss gbp/yen at 149,15 take profit 149,75
Buy another 50% at 14808 so average position now
100% at 148,14
Buy gbp/yen 50% position at 14820
stay but to buy more at better levels if they come

gbp/yen stopped out at 14815 for 18 points profit

Monday, May 4, 2009

stop loss gbpyen 148,15
buy gbp/yen at 147,97
sell gbp/yen at 14822 for 65 points profit
adjust stop in gbp/yen to 14810
buy gbp/yen at 14757 sl 14690
close gbp/yen at 14876 for a 16 points loss
sell gbp/yen at 148,60 stop loss 149,30

Sunday, May 3, 2009

today banking holiday in both Tokyo and London.
although I expect trading to be very slow i will look for
good level to buy gbp/yen for a 150,00 test this week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

sell gbp/yen at 148,03 for 93 points
That was it for the week thank you and see you Monday!
stop loss gbp/yen now at 147,80
buy gbp/yen at 147,10 stopped out with 20 points loss and long at the same time
sell gbp/yen at 14690 sl at 14710 breakout with long gbp/yen
sell gbp/yen at 146,66 for a 62 points profit